Friday, August 17, 2007

1. If you could have lunch with one person from High School and catch up on each others lives who would it be? Well in High School one of my best friends was a foreign exchange student from Norway, her name was Eilen, I really miss her.

2.If someone handed you a gift card worth 10,000 dollars what store would you want it to be for, and what would you buy? Thats easy COSTCO!! I would buy myself the diamond ring I have had my eye on and maybe a laptop and who knows what else!

3. What current trend or fad do you just don't get? Body piercings I think they look horrible!

4. Your are having a dinner party and you can invite 3 famous people dead or alive... who would you invite? Drew Barymore I love her!! Reese Witherspoon I Love her!!! and my favorite male actor Harrison Ford!!! Love him

5. Wheres the best place you've been on vacation...and what made it the best? Well I been to several cool places but one of my best vacations was about 8 years ago we took the kids to San Diego and we stayed in a cabin in a Koa camp and went to the beach it was great because it was just Gary and I and our kids and we had a great time as a family, its one of my happiest memories!!!

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Jen said...

Wow... look at you that was pretty fast! Loved your answers. that was fun to read!

Hope everybody is enjoying their new school year!