Saturday, February 28, 2009


Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Big slacker when it comes to blogging!!!!

Okay so I haven't blogged in what seems like eternity! but, really has only been about three months. Well where do I begin? I left off with Casey playing football and though we didn't have a winning season it was still great! We went on to win against Canyon View which is the other High School in Cedar City. We then made the playoffs but then lost. Casey had a great football season and even made 2ND string division team. I think that's what its called. He is looking forward to his senior year and is working hard at getting himself ready in fact he is wrestling this year which he hasn't done in about 3 years and so far hes doing pretty good. Nicole is almost done with cosmetology school and is not quite sure what she wants to do next maybe finish her degree at Dixie state. Cody and Sara just celebrated their 1st year anniversary and just got their first baby! A little pug named Hugo! I haven't seen him yet bet I hear he is adorable! I think that will be it for them for a while as far as Kids go for now!! they are also planing to go to the Temple soon.Looking forward for that. Noelle is growing taller I swear each day She has completely passed Nicole and I both up. She is still cheering on Raglan a competitive cheer squad and we are leaving today for a Competition in Salt Lake. Which is good because we may get to see Gary. He is now working in Wyoming for a company called Haliburton. As the economy was getting worse we were struggling big time with our concrete company and we had to do something, We sold our house and are now just renting a few blocks away to keep the kids in their same schools and Gary went to Wyoming. He has been in School training since October and we have only seen him about 3 times since.He didn't even get to come home for Thanksgiving and wont be home for Christmas. Once he is done with school he will work 2 weeks straight and be home for 1 week. but we feel very blessed because so many people in the construction business are really struggling and this is a really good opportunity for us. And eventually we will be making a move further up North probably after Casey graduates. As for me I'm just trying to hold down the fort here in St. George and am still working 2 days a week at Taylor Andrews the hair school Nicole is going to. Oh and I finally got my Braces off!! I love Dr. Feller and everyone @ his office they are awesome and I Love my new SMILE! Thats it for the Shafer family these days and in spite of all the trials this past year I feel very grateful for the many blessings in my life.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Friday Night Desert Hills lost to Eldorado!!! Eldorado never won when I went there back in the eighties!! Casey said they were a good team that showed good sportsmanship and they definitely beat us in size!!! Well hopefully we will get a chance next year to play them again!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Homecoming Dance

Casey went to his first homecoming dance Saturday night. He asked a real cute girl Lexi and I think they had a great time. For their day date Casey and his friends took the girls to a Cabin in Kolob and made the girls dinner! They then went to the dance I thought Casey looked pretty handsome! He's such a cute kid! Even though he would not smile for one picture!!!
Casey And Lexi
Morgan, Kolby, Lexi and Casey
Casey and Lexi on the red carpet
Brad, Haley,Aaron,Chantelle,Lexi andCasey
Lexi and Casey again!

Homecoming Game(New Coming)

Friday night was Desert Hills First Homecoming game Or New coming seeing how it was our first ever! Anyways it was a good game, but we lost in over time which was a real bummer! I think the boys just had other things on their minds because they just didn't play as good as the past 2 weeks oh well hopefully they will have a better game against Eldorado next week!

Monday, September 1, 2008


It was a great game on Friday Night we had an away game in Salem Hills. We were down the entire game until the 4th quarter. There was about a minute left in the game and Desert Hills was up by 7 and Salem Hills had the ball when the Quarter back threw and interception to Casey to end the game!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Ok so this year Casey is playing Varsity @ the new high school in St. George Desert Hills High.
We had our first game this past friday night and it was great! We played Uinta they are a high school from up north. Anyways we stomped them with a score of 36-3! What a way to start off the season! Casey is #55 and is starting @ middle linebacker on defense and also starts @ o line. He is pretty good and did make his first local news debut! So check out KCSG news and go to sports and week one. So wish us luck for a great season!