Thursday, September 27, 2007

He's 22 today

My baby boy is 22 today, he's
never ceases to amaze me
changed my life forever
sometimes drives me crazy but I Love him with all my heart and I hope he has a wonderful day in ST. Louis! and an awesome year!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday to Cody!!

I enjoyed watching him boogie.. on his party video.

who did he go to ST. louis with?

Amanda said...

What's he doin' in St. Louis... Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Melody said...

Was that really Cody? Crazy fun stuff! I laughed the whole time I watched it!:)

Michele said...

Yeah thats Cody! He's quite the character! He is in St. Louis with a girl he met while he was on his mission there I think it maybe serious!

Melody said...

oh man, keep us posted! You still don't look like you should have kids that old! Ever since I've met you, I was like WOW! She looks young!!! I mean, is young!:)