Monday, September 8, 2008

Homecoming Dance

Casey went to his first homecoming dance Saturday night. He asked a real cute girl Lexi and I think they had a great time. For their day date Casey and his friends took the girls to a Cabin in Kolob and made the girls dinner! They then went to the dance I thought Casey looked pretty handsome! He's such a cute kid! Even though he would not smile for one picture!!!
Casey And Lexi
Morgan, Kolby, Lexi and Casey
Casey and Lexi on the red carpet
Brad, Haley,Aaron,Chantelle,Lexi andCasey
Lexi and Casey again!


Sparks in the Desert said...

How fun! Homecomming...the good ol days! Glad they had a blast!

Griffin said...

I found your page! I miss you already! I will be back to school in a couple of weeks! i love you!