Monday, September 8, 2008

Homecoming Game(New Coming)

Friday night was Desert Hills First Homecoming game Or New coming seeing how it was our first ever! Anyways it was a good game, but we lost in over time which was a real bummer! I think the boys just had other things on their minds because they just didn't play as good as the past 2 weeks oh well hopefully they will have a better game against Eldorado next week!

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Rob and Michelle said...

So who is "proud" and who is "prouder"? LOL. You should have seen Corey when I made him read that blog post out loud to me. He kept giving me crazy looks and finally he said "what the heck are you talking about?!" It was too funny. But how else do you say I'm proud of my kid but we LOST? Can't wait to see you guys tonight...have a safe trip!