Thursday, October 25, 2007


Casey and his cousin Jessica
So this is my son, 16, too cool for cool as I always say!
His new thing these days is he prefers to be called Jamal! I give him a cute name like Casey and he wants to be called Jamal! And he will answer to it! No Really he is a lot fun! And I am blessed to have (Jamal ) in my life!! He is athletic and friendly, smart, handsome, funny, kinda a shy guy till you get to know him! But I Love him with all my heart and look forward to seeing him play in the NFL some day! (That is his big Dream these days! but of course not till after a mission!!!Happy Birthday my Son!!


Jen said...

Happy Big 16 Casey!!

Melody said...

Jamal?! HaHa! That is tooo funny!:)