Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In response to Michelle Harris's tag!

10 years ago
The year was 1998, and I was a stay @ home mom with 4 kids, Gary worked for Stewart And Sundell Concrete as a Foreman. Cody was 12 1/2, Nicole was 10, Casey was 7 1/2, and Noelle was 3. I'm not too sure but I think we bought Cody his first guitar that year. Nicole starting Cheering for the Cobras.Casey was big into wrestling and so were we!It completely consumed our lives back then! Casey also played baseball and started football that year. For Noelle's 3rd birthday that year we took her to Disneyland for her 1st time. I was Primary President in the Viewpoint ward, Don Nesbit was our Bishop.Gary also Coached Casey's baseball team and wrestling team.Man were we busy!

5 Things on my "TO DO" list
1.Lose weight
2.Get organized
3.get out of debt
4.do my genealogy
5.learn a new hobby

Things I would like to do if I were suddenly a billionaire!
1. Take my Family and close friends on a trip around the world!
2. Pay off all my bills of course!
3. Pay off my house
4. Pay for all my kids to go to college
5. buy my kids and my mom their own houses and cars!
6. buy a beach house
7. build a cabin ( not sure where)
8. donate alot to charity
9. take my children on a few humanitarian trips
10. do all the things on my "TO DO " list

Some of my bad habits

2.interrupt people
3.don't always listen to my kids
4.don't always balance my checkbook
5. criticize my children especially my boys about their hair!
6.Watch T.V. on Sundays
7. I definitely eat way too much junk food!

Places I have Lived

1.Oceanside, California
2.Encinitas, California
3.Las Vegas, Nevada
4. Leeds, Utah
5. St. George, Utah

Jobs I've had

1.Taco Bell (When I was 16)
2.Pre School Teacher
4. Ortho Assistant
6. And MOM (which basically qualifies me for any and every job in the world!)

Some things most people don't know about me

1.I am afraid of the dark
2. I hate scary movies but sometimes still watch them!
3.My husband is my best friend
4.I admire my children
5.I wish that I had some type of musical talent!
6. I am a convert to the church
7. I cherish my relationships with those closest to me.

I tag all Who read this blog!!!


Jen said...

so what new hobby would you like to learn?

and do i get to go on the trip if you become rich?? haha.

Sparks in the Desert said...

I love tags! You can learn so much about people! Happy 4th!