Monday, June 9, 2008

another night @ work

Well t seems these days I only have time to blog when I 'm at work! Well I don't really know why I don't seem to have time to blog because I really haven't had that much going on. Tuesday nights is YW's and we are making pajama pants for girls camp and just getting ready for camp! July 15th thru the 18th! I can't wait! It's the first time I will be going to camp since we moved here to St. George. And I have to say that although I know it will be fun and even though I love my young women to death! I know that it will not be the same as the Sunrise stake! And it will definitly be different without my favorite camp buddy Jen!
Casey left for football camp yesterday they went up north to Utah state and the bus broke down on the way! Not too much more going on these days.


Jen said...

ah... i'm so jealous you are going to girls camp... maybe i'll sneak up and steal your cot... haha. hope you have a fun time.

oh and that stinks for kasey... how long did they have to wait for another bus??

parker & brittney winder said...

i finally have a blog..u better be my blog friend haha..i miss ur daughter and u. thanks again for going to my reception. u have no idea how much that meant to me. love ya