Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Gary and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary this past weekend. We had the most wonderful weekend! We drove down to southern California. The weather was perfect! We stayed in Encinitas which is where I grew up as a kid and it was really great because I had lost contact with an old friend who is like a brother to me Shawn.
I looked him up before we left and we all got together for dinner and then we went to the beach. Saturday Gary and I went and saw Dallas play in a pre- season game against San Diego and even though Dallas lost we still had a great time! It really was just the most perfect weekend and I hope Gary and I continue to share many more anniversaries like this past weekend!

The Cheerleaders for San Diego before the game
Gary at the game
The beautiful southern California coast
The San Diego Temple
Gary @ the Beach
Don, Cherie and Shawn
Gary showing off his muscles!
The Sunset
my sis and mom
My bro Shawn!
Gary and I @ the beach!

1 comment:

Jen said...

happy anniversary!! sounds like a fun trip!

the san diego temple is sooo beautiful... i think it's my favorite!