Friday, August 1, 2008


So last week was my 40th birthday, and I really thought that Gary would arrange to have my best friend Shawnee there for my birthday, but he didn't. But he made up for it by taking me to Idaho to see her. She lives in this really small town called Filer which is right next to twin Falls. It was really great to see her and her family. We had a great time even though it was kinda a short trip. We went to the snake river and to the Shoshone falls and we also got a special treat the Twin Falls Idaho Temple was having their open house and so we got to tour the Temple! It was really great that my girls got to see the inside of the Temple and see how beautiful it was and it was really great to take Nicole's boyfriend Danny through because he is not a member and I think he really enjoyed it and learned a lot. We also made a few stops along the way and one was to the Salt Lake Temple and I think he liked that too. So my birthday was really great I stretched it out over the whole weekend! And I'm not even done because my kids all got me Alan Jackson tickets for August 16th! Wow do I know how to turn 40 or what

A Waterfall in Twin Falls Idaho
Gary's favorite ice cream shop since he was a little kid(this is actually in Ogden)
Nicole and Danny at the snake river
Nicole and Britt in Filer Idaho
Noelle and Sarialye in Filer Idaho
all of us in Filer Idaho(Notice how busy the town is!)ha ha
Nicole Riding a tractor in Filer Idaho!
Gary and I at the snake river
Danny, Nicole, Gary and Noelle
The Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls Idaho
me and my girls

Me and my girls again
Shawnee teaching Danny how to make eclairs
The Twin Falls Idaho Temple
Gary and I and our Girls
Shawnee and I
Gary and I
Britt and Shawnee
all of us at the Twin Falls Idaho Temple
cute little Sarialye
Nicole and Britt
Nicole and Noelle at the Twin Falls Idaho Temple
We stopped to see Gary's aunt Bonnie and Uncle Duanne in Ogden
The Salt lake Temple
Noelle And Nicole at the Salt Lake Temple
Nicole and Danny at the Salt Lake Temple
Nicole,Danny,Me,Noelle and Gary outside Temple Square in Salt Lake

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Jen said...

ahhh... everybody looks so good!!

and you are one hot 40 year ol momma. glad you got a fun trip for your birthday.

happy birthday!!
love ya!