Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just working

So tonight I am @ work ( I work 2 days a week @ the hair school Nicole goes to TAYLOR ANDREWS) anyways Thursdays I work a 14 hr shift so it makes for a long day! So I'm just sitting here a little bored so I thought I wuld blog for awhile . So not too much going on in the Shafer Family these days. Casey and Noelle just finished up school last week so we are now on summer vacation! Although with gas prices and funds pretty low these days I don't really know how much vacationing we will be doing! Infact this past memorial day we were going to go to Idaho to visit Shawnee but just couldn't swing it so we went camping instead. It was fun but rained on and off all weekend. Casey has started football again and next year he is a junior @ the new high school Desert Hills, they play Eldorado next year and we are looking forward to the Victory! Noelle is playing softball and is the star pitcher! and she also made the Varsity cheer sqaud on her competion cheer squad! Nicole is busy attending hair school and is starting a new job @ a tanning salon. Cody and Sara are doing great, Sara is going to go through the Temple this summer in St. Louis and they are looking forward to being sealed in December or January. Gary and I are doing great he is still the love of my life and my best friend were going on 22yrs of marital bliss!(HA HA) no really I am truly blessed and we are great! Gary started his own concrete company and we are slowly geting work. But I know the Lord will bless us. Well now that I have wriiten a book I will go for now!

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Jen said...

holy crap look who updated...

14 hour shift. ugghhh.. that should mean that atleast once a week we should get a little update from you.

sounds like things are going pretty good. glad to hear good things about all your cute kids! you can always come vacation at our house!! well have to come see you sometime this summer!!