Tuesday, July 22, 2008

GIRLS CAMP 2008!!!

So last week was girls camp for or stake (The Little Valley Stake in St. George) And as much as I do miss some of my dear girls camp buddies from the Sunrise Stake in Vegas (Jen, bro Skinner, Laura Bailey, And Sloan to name a few) I had such a great time this year and I was really impressed with this stake and especially my ward, the Little Valley 1st ward. These girls were absolutely amazing! And I had such a great time this year. It is really great to belong to a church that to know that wherever you go in the world that you have people in the church that when you are in a new place with just strangers and within no time these people become your brothers and sisters and you feel their love and have great love for them. And yes I will always have a special place in my heart for the sunrise stake where I spent my first 18 years as a member of this church. But I find comfort in knowing and it strengthens my testimony to know wherever I go I am blessed with great members of this church. I am grateful for the opportunity I had this past week to spend time with some of these good members and especially these young women they are awesome!

Little Valley Stake Girls Camp 2008!!!! This is hilarious. I have never seen it before. It is called marshmallow muffy poo!
We took a hike and believe it or not it was fun!
All The Leaders from our ward
All The Young women from our ward
You cant have girls camp without banana boats!!

Bro and Sis Salisbury our camp cook and camp director
Kailee and sis Gooch
Some of my awesome 1st years! Kodi and Brinley
Kassidy, Katelyn, and Charity
Noelle and I (whats up with my smile??)
Sis Roper and I
Katelyn Roper
playing games at camp
We did a humanitarian project for orphans in Haiti
Bishop Powell was quite proud of his blanket
we made tie die shirts
And we always had fun at role call!!!


Jen said...

oh... i'm soooo jealous. looks like so much fun!

glad you had a good time.

Nikki said...

oh Michelle, it looks like you had so fun! No wonder i didnt see you for a while! haha..

scoot and sara said...

Girl's camp is always a blast! I remember when you were my leader. Our camp is coming up in 2 weeks and I can't wait!